Stripe payments for your Rails app

Payments are vital for your business.

Building your billing integration is incredibly high stakes. What if you get it wrong? What if you forget something and suddenly every charge fails?

What if you're losing money
and you don't know it?

Building a Stripe integration the right way is time consuming. It involves making numerous decisions, each one with a thousand different answers and no guidance on how to make them. Pick the wrong path and suddenly cards are getting declined and you're getting woken up at 2am by a screaming pager. Or worse, you didn't spend the time to build in error checking and so you don't notice until a month goes by. Or two.

Skip the decisions. Skip the drudgery.

Payola Pro is Payola for Business. It includes:

  • Commercial-friendly license
  • Continual updates as Stripe and Rails change
  • One year of priority support

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