Stripe payments for your Rails app

Payola v1.2.3

3 Jan 2015

I just pushed v1.2.3. Here’s the highlights:

  • Add support for Rails 4.2
  • Re-use customers and create invoice items for setup fees
  • Add an active flag on Payola::Coupon
  • Fix load-order problems
  • Add support for subscription quantities
  • Properly handle form...
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Payola v1.2: Now with Subscriptions

17 Nov 2014

Today is release day for Payola v1.2.0 and the big watch word is subscriptions. So now that they’re here, how do you use subscriptions with Payola? It’s easy:

  1. Install the gem
  2. Configure a model and a controller
  3. Set up a form
  4. Profit!

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Building Payola Extensions

11 Nov 2014

A few weeks ago I introduced Payola, a drop-in Rails engine for setting up Stripe billing. Since that time, it’s gained over 400 stars on GitHub and the gem has been downloaded almost 2000 times. The most requested feature, subscripton payments, is well on it’s way to being completed.

Payola is more than just a checkout button. It has hooks at various points in the payment flow that let you take action and tie Payola into your application to do things like manipulate the sale object before the charge happens or override the low-level arguments that Payola sends to Stripe. It also has a rich set of notifications when payments complete, fail, or are refunded. In this post, we’re going to build a simple extension that sends push notifications when someone buys a product.

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Introducing Payola

20 Oct 2014

I released an open source Rails engine named Payola that you can drop into any application to have robust, reliable self-hosted Stripe payments up and running with just a little bit of fuss.

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