Stripe payments for your Rails app

Get paid. Right now.

Payola is a drop-in Rails engine that helps you sell products and subscriptions just by including a module in your models.

1. Install it

In Gemfile:

gem 'payola-payments'

Run the installer:

$ bundle install
$ rails generate payola:install
$ rake db:migrate

2. Model it

$ rails generate model SomeModel \
    price:integer \
    name:string \
$ rake db:migrate
class SomeModel < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Payola::Sellable

3. Sell it

<%= render 'payola/transactions/checkout',
      sellable: SomeModel.first %>

Batteries Included

  • One-time charges and Stripe Subscriptions
  • An embeddable, customizable Stripe Checkout button
  • Customer-facing actions are asynchronous, compatible with any background worker system.
  • Full, easy Stripe webhook processing
  • Extension hooks for adding your own functionality and integrating with your app
  • Pre-built customizable emails with optional PDF receipts

Mastering Modern Payments is the canonical book on how best to integrate Stripe and Rails. If people are having trouble getting set up with Stripe, this is the book that Stripe recommends to straighten them out. Payola is what you get when you take all of that knowledge and experience and package it into an easy to integrate open source gem.

— Michael Buckbee, Expedited SSL